Squires Gate Community – Demolition Activities to Commence on or About February 1, 2019


Please be advised that the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery will commence with site preparation work on or about January 28, 2019 prior to the start of demolition. These activities are under the direction of the office of General Services, John E. Porcoro.

Demolition work will commence on or about Wednesday January 30, 2019 thru on or about Friday March 30, 2019 at the following properties:

5 Lonergan Drive                     23 Lonergan Drive

7 Lonergan Drive                     34 Lonergan Drive

9 Lonergan Drive                     36 Lonergan Drive

10 Lonergan Drive                   10 Temple Lane

11 Lonergan Drive                    12 Temple Lane

12 Lonergan Drive                   29 Temple Lane

13 Lonergan Drive                   31 Temple Lane

14 Lonergan Drive                    38 Temple Lane

16 Lonergan Drive                    40 Temple Lane

19 Lonergan Drive                   42 Temple Lane

21 Lonergan Drive                   44 Temple Lane

          Please be assured that all necessary safety procedures and precautions are taking place.   Please contact the Department of Public Works Office at 845-357-2602 with any questions or concerns you may have.