Letter From Mayor Markunas

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April 6, 2018

Dear Village of Suffern Residents:

Preserving the quality and character of the Village of Suffern is my top priority.To ensure code compliance, I have established the Suffern Code Initiative.

It is the goal of the Suffern Code Initiative to enhance the Village’s position as a premier place to live, work, and raise a family. By fairly and impartially enforcing codes and other ordinances in the Village of Suffern, the Village of Suffern Code Initiative will ensure a safe and desirable living and working environment, thereby protecting the health, property, and quality of life for all Village of Suffern residents. The Village of Suffern Code Initiative will continually identify, assess, and implement municipal “Best Practices”. Examples which have already been implemented include: A No Knock Policy, maintaining and updating our “Rental Registry”, and the training of Police Officers and Firemen to recognize and report building and code violations.

The Village of Suffern Code Initiative is a proactive approach to combating code, housing, and fire safety issues. Based on zoning requirements, code enforcement, and fire inspections as well as feedback from residents, reports will be investigated by a Code Enforcement Team. The Code Enforcement Team, including Building Inspectors, Fire Inspectors, and Code Enforcement officials will address code compliance, health, and safety issues to strive to enhance the quality of life for all Suffern residents.

If you have concerns relating to property maintenance, zoning regulations, code enforcement, and fire safety that you would like reviewed, please contact my office at (845) 357-2600. Upon receiving notice, members of the Suffern Code Enforcement Team including Building, Fire, and Code Enforcement Officials will investigate complaints to ensure code compliance.

Mayor, Edward Markunas

Mayor Ed Markunas

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