Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Village of Suffern… your home to live, work, and play!

All roads lead to Suffern! Considered the gateway to New York State, Suffern and the surrounding Hudson Valley offers ready access to all of New York’s regions and worldwide markets. The Hudson Valley is positioned for the future, boasting some of the largest, most sophisticated technology and innovative manufacturing companies in the world. I welcome you to Suffern, a Village that is steeped in history with a focus on the future…

Suffern is part of the Washington–Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail under the auspices of the National Park Service. Lafayette Avenue, the main street of Suffern, is named in honor of Revolutionary War Hero Marquis de Lafayette. The history of the Village of Suffern is incredibly rich. Guests who have taken advantage of Suffern’s hospitality have included George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton.

The break in the Ramapo Mountains at Suffern formed by the Ramapo River enables our Village to serve as a unique crossroad for transportation, industry, and tourism. Accessible by trains, buses, and highways, Suffern is home to a thriving business district with an incredible array of diverse restaurants, shops, and a growing arts, filming, and cultural activities center. Suffern is the proud home of community and civic minded residents who are a testament to the value of diversity that those who reside in the Village of Suffern share and celebrate.

The Board of the Village of Suffern has worked to revitalize our local economy through sustainable, strategic investments in the unique places we live, work, and play through projects that promote Suffern’s economic vitality. The results are witnessed today by those who visit Suffern and choose to make Suffern their destination choice.

All roads lead to Suffern! As the Mayor of the Village of Suffern, I am proud to welcome you to the beautiful, historic, and thriving Village of Suffern… your home to live, work, and play!

Edward Markunas, Mayor

Mayor Ed Markunas

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