Justice Court

Civil proceedings and Landlord Tenant matters after March 18, 2020 require approval by the office to be scheduled.

The Suffern Justice Court, Court of Special Session, hears matters including but not limited to: Criminal Offenses, Violations, Misdemeanors, Civil Disputes, Vehicle Traffic Violations, Parking Citations, Consumer Protection, Code Enforcement, Landlord/Tenant Proceeding – all within the jurisdiction of the Village of Suffern.

Regular Office Hours:
9am – 4pm ; Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
2pm – 4pm ; Tuesday
6pm – 9pm ; Tuesday Court (By Appointment Only)

Office Phone: (845) 357-6424
Fax Number:  (845) 357-0807
email: Court@SuffernNY.gov

Justice: Ernest S. Buonocore
Associate Justice: Stephanie F. Adwar
Court Clerk: Stephen Mulvaney
Village Attorney: Robert Yodowitz
Village Attorney: Robert Magrino

Civil Actions and Proceedings

Small Claims Proceedings: The Village of Suffern Court hears small claims actions of individuals  seeking monetary awards up to $3,000.00. Individuals (not corporations)  may file a small claims action against another person or corporation, who resides, has a business, or is employed within the Village of Suffern.  A small claims form application may be downloaded here: <Scanned Small Claim Form>

Small claims proceedings are intended to provide a low-cost, simplified, and informal procedure for individuals to resolve disputes involving limited monetary claims. Click www.nycourts.gov/courthelp/pdfs/smallclaimshandbook.pdf for a copy of the NYS Small Claims Guide booklet.

Summary Proceedings: Recovery of real property located in whole or in part within the Village of Suffern include but not limited to: Landlord/Tenant disputes, Non-Payment Summary Proceedings, Past Due Rent. A Landlords Guide to Nonpayment Summary Proceedings may be viewed online at: www.nycourthelp.gov

If you feel you need legal advice at any time during your case, talk with a lawyer.  If you cannot afford a lawyer, or are unsure how to find one, these resources can help you:

Vehicle and Traffic

Uniformed Traffic Infractions issued by police, require that the motorist must first submit the ticket(s) to the court with a plea by the assigned deadline, stated on the ticket (Indicated as: “Must Appear in Person or By Mail”) with the date and time assigned by the issuing officer.

Please fill out Section A or Section B on each ticket infraction received, before submitting a plea, read the ticket in its entirety and be aware of which boxes are checked off on your traffic summons.

NOT everything on a traffic summons may pertain to the motorist.  Uniformed Traffic Ticket (UTT) is meant to encompass Violations, Misdemeanors, and Felonies.  Once a plea has been received, the motorist will receive instructions on the next steps to be taken (ex:  Pre-Trial Conferences/Fine Due Dates). If you have any questions, please contact the Court Office.

Parking Ticket Citation Disputes

The Village of Suffern enforces parking regulations on its local roadways. Enforcement tickets issued may include: Meter Violations, Permit Parking Only Zones, Expired Inspection Stickers, Fire Zones, Double Parking, Loading Zones, Alternate Side Rules, No Parking Anytime, Handicap Parking Permit Only, No Parking Anytime, etc.

Temporary Signs may be posted for special events, hazardous weather conditions, construction, and road closures that may result in any enforcement changes.

Once a ticket has been issued, the resolution must be conducted through the Justice Court. The Court does not issue any tickets. You may submit your ticket along with your plea to the Justice Court via: email, regular mail, or our drop box which is located outside the Village Hall.

Pleading Not Guilty: If you wish to dispute the ticket(s) or have a circumstance to be considered, you may enter a “Plea of Not Guilty” on the back of your citation(s), before its assigned deadline, and attach any correspondence you wish to be reviewed for consideration. You will be contacted by the Court on a later date to have the matter heard if it requires a trial.

Pleading Guilty: If you wish to simply pay the ticket(s), you may enter a “Plea of Guilty” on the back of your citation(s), and submit the assigned payment requirement along with your ticket(s) before the deadline, otherwise you may be responsible for any accrued late penalties.

If paying by mail, please send your ticket(s) along with a certified bank check or money order made out to the Suffern Justice Court, and write your plate number or ticket number in the memo section.

Payments may be made online: at our new portal: www.suffernny.rmcpay.com (enter your six digit ticket number or plate number). If you received a parking citation prior to November 10th 2021, you will still be required to enter U000 along with your six digit ticket citation.