Village Treasurer

In accordance with New York State Village Law §4-408, the Village Treasurer is the chief fiscal officer of the Village, charged with the responsibility of maintaining custody of all Village funds and accounting for all Village receipts and disbursements. The Village Treasurer administers the Village’s debt, payroll and accounts payable. Accounting and financial reporting is performed in accordance with requirements set by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board and the Office of the State Comptroller. The Village Treasurer also assists the Mayor in the preparation of the annual budget, and is responsible for budgetary control and compliance throughout the year.

The Village’s fiscal year runs from June 1 through May 31. Village real property taxes are levied June 1 and payable during the month of June. Water and sewer bills are issued semi-annually and payable during the months of May and November.

Contact information:

Michael A. Genito, Village Treasurer
TEL: 845-357-2600 x127
FAX: 845-357-0649

Maria Duffy, Deputy Village Treasurer
TEL: 845-357-2600 x128
FAX: 845-357-0649