Where can I find the Holiday Garbage Schedule?
2018 Holiday Garbage Pick Up Schedule

Where can I find information for the Suffern Parking Authority?
Call: (845) 368-0017

Who do you call if you have a concern about Illicit Discharge?
Call: (845) 357-2300

Where can I find the Village’s Corrective Action Plan Response to the OSC Budget Review?
Click on Financial Reports in the right sidebar and then on Corrective Action Plan.

How do I dispose of electronic waste?
Due to a change in NYS law, electronic waste cannot be put out with regular trash. Residents must take e-waste to the Rockland County Fire Training Center in Pomona. This includes TV’s, computer equipment (including tablets, keyboards, monitors, printers and cables) and small electronics (fax machines, VCRs/DVD players, cable boxes, video game consoles and handheld music and video players). The RC Fire Training Center is located at 35 Firemen’s Memorial Drive in Pomona and is open weekdays (except holidays) from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

How do I find information about Stay Fit Seniors?
Call the Recreation Office at (845) 357-7943

Where can I find information about paying my taxes online?
Go to the right sidebar and click on “Pay Your Taxes Online.”