Resident Information- Snow Removal

Please be aware of the below Village of Suffern Code, Section 235-6, regarding Snow Removal. Thank you.

A.   All owners of property are hereby required to remove all snow and ice within 10 daylight hours after cessation of a snowstorm from sidewalks adjoining their property and from all fire hydrants on their property or adjoining their property, and must continue to keep same clear of snow and ice at all times thereafter as necessary. Said sidewalks must be cleared for the entire length of sidewalk adjoining the property and a minimum of 30 inches in width. Fire hydrants must be cleared by a minimum of 36 inches in all directions, and a clear path must be provided to the street for said fire hydrants. Owners of single-family dwellings who are physically disabled are exempt from the requirements of removing snow and ice from fire hydrants if they notify the Village Clerk prior to November 1 of each year. The owners of all apartments and of all professional and commercial buildings and all condominium associations shall, in addition, remove all snow and ice from all parking areas and access roads thereto under their control and from all fire lanes within 10 daylight hours after the cessation of a snowstorm. Access to all dwellings and buildings shall be provided for emergency vehicles within five daylight hours after cessation of a snowstorm.

B.   It is prohibited to deposit snow or ice on any sidewalk, street, right-of-way or storm drain or to obstruct any drainage course. It is further prohibited to pile or plow snow to a height of three feet or more within 10 feet from any corner or intersection of any road or highway. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to employees of the Village of Suffern in the performance of their duty.

C.   Upon the failure, neglect or refusal of any owner or agent to comply with the provisions of Subsection B of this section, the Superintendent of Public Works is hereby authorized and empowered to contract for the removal of the ice and snow or to order its removal by the Village of Suffern. The actual cost thereof, plus accrued interest at the rate of 6% per annum from the date of completion of the work, shall be charged to the owner of such property; and if said amount remains unpaid, it will be placed on the next regular tax bill of the Village of Suffern. Where the full amount due the Village is not paid by such owner within 10 days after the removal of such ice or snow, then, and in that case, the Superintendent of Public Works shall file a sworn statement with the Village Clerk showing the cost and expense incurred for the work, the date the work was done and the location of the property on which said work was done. The recordation of such sworn statement shall constitute a lien and privilege on the property and shall remain in full force and effect for the same amount due in principal and interest, plus costs of court, if any, for collection, until final payment has been made. Said costs and expenses shall be collected in the manner fixed by law for the collection of taxes. Sworn statements recorded in accordance with the provisions hereof shall be prima facie evidence that all legal formalities have been complied with and that the work has been done properly and satisfactorily and shall be full notice to every person concerned that the amount of the statement, plus interest, constitutes a charge against the property designated or described in the statement and that the same is due and collectible as provided by law.